pseu·do | \ ˈsü-(ˌ)dō \
pseudo (adjective): being apparently rather than actually as stated

Moon’s Request, Pseudo 198* (PS198*) is a series heavily inspired by the work of Neil Cicierega, most focused on his musical project Lemon Demon. It takes place in a fictional America, not unlike our own, in the time period 198* (19-80-STAR) and documents the lives of many odd and no-so-common folk as they live their lives in an increasingly absurding and paranormal town.

This neocities page is dedicated to hosting both art of the characters and lore, of which can be found in different forms.

This site is a massive Work in Progress. As of now, no lore or characters have been added.

Last Update: 09-23-21: Installation of home page text (no visuals or readjustments)

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